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The bleeding at WebTrends continues …

Published by Eric T. Peterson on November 15, 2007 All posts from Eric T. Peterson

Apparently statements made earlier this month after the ouster of senior management at WebTrends were not entirely true and the management shakeup is continuing. The latest casualty is the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Kopp, who according to very reliable sources has “decided to move on” from WebTrends as well, as well as several of Tim’s senior lieutenants.

Having met Tim on a few occasions I have to say this is a huge loss for a company that just sustained (or perhaps inflicted) huge losses. Having been on the company’s board of directors, Tim had an understanding of the space that was rare in this industry. His hand in the MarketingLab 2 release was apparent, and his enthusiasm for the sector will surely be missed.

Perhaps living here in Portland and knowing some of these folks personally I’m too close to the situation but I just don’t understand the logic behind getting rid of this much senior management and talent all at once. This is a tough market and starting over from scratch will be painful for WebTrends.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see what all the anonymous commenter’s who didn’t like Greg, Jason, Tore, and Hamid have to say about Tim’s departure. And perhaps more interesting to see how WebTrends spins this news for the rest of the world …

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  • http://www.waomarketing.com/blog Jacques Warren

    Hey! If Francisco Partners want to sell the code source, I’m buying!

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  • http://wam.typepad.com/wam/2007/11/webtrends-will.html Phil Kemelor

    Eric – thanks for the heads up on this. While it’s true that the folks who’ve left WebTrends had a lot to do with Marketing Warehouse, I don’t get the sense that there’s been a lot of buyers. Perhaps this is what led to their departure. I’ve gone into this in a bit more detail on my post this morning: WebTrends will not be acquired by Omniture
    Best -

  • http://www.webanalyticsdemystified.com eric

    Jacques: Before you buy that code base, call me. There is a lot I’m not writing that you might want to hear.

    Phil: Given the need for Omniture to get FTC approval for the Visual Sciences acquisition — approval that I’m now learning is far from a slam dunk — I don’t think Josh James et al. would have been able to consider WebTrends.

    I do agree that this whole situation is kind of sad. Having worked at WebTrends back in the day, it sort of pains me to see what was once a great brand diminished. But it’s definitely a sign that this sector is maturing and that’s definitely a good thing.

    Thanks to both of you for your comments!

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