Are you one of the nearly 2,000 companies looking for web analytics talent?

Published by Eric T. Peterson on December 3, 2007 All posts from Eric T. Peterson

I’ve been talking about the web analytics job market and the need for dedicated professionals managing web analytics and caring for your company’s investment. To be honest, when I first explicitly told the market to hire dedicated staff back in late 2004, even I didn’t clearly imagine that just three years later there would be over 1,750 open positions citing the need for experience with web analytics around the world.

Despite the Web Analytics Association actively helping to develop talent via the University of British Columbia and more recently University of California Irvine, and while all indicators are that these classes are excellent, it will likely be some time before the work of the WAA is felt in the marketplace. And while I don’t have the resources of the Web Analytics Association, I have been working to connect experienced web analytics practitioners with good jobs through the Web Analytics Demystified job board.

Since I deployed the job board we’ve had nearly 100 companies advertise on the board. More importantly, we’ve served way over 25,000 job impressions and helped many of our customers find the right employee for the job. My favorite story is still Musician’s Friend who we helped save tens of thousands of dollars in recruiters fees and relocation expenses by connecting them directly with a long-time reader of my blog who lived in Ashland, Oregon and had simply not seen the job posting.

Talk about a niche audience …

Now that I’ve founded my own company, I’m happy to report that my wife and business partner Amity has taken over responsibility for the job board. Her first decision was to implement package pricing to make it easier for companies looking to hire multiple web analytics resources. We’re now offering three- and five-job packages as well as custom pricing for recruiters and staffing agencies who expect to have multiple openings over time. If you’re interested in learning more about the job board or the new pricing packages, please feel free to reach out to Amity directly.

In some strange way I wish I could just wave my hands and say “never mind, you don’t need bright folks to run this software … the software is great and it will provide all the answers you’re looking for if you just read the documentation” but we all know I cannot. Web analytics is hard, and it takes smart people to make it work. Technology, people, and process in appropriate servings is the recipe for success.

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