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  • Happy New Year from Web Analytics and Team Demystified
  • Top 5 Metrics You’re Measuring Incorrectly … or Not
  • Welcome to Team Demystified: Nancy Koons and Elizabeth Eckels!
  • Team Demystified Update from Wendy Greco
  • ACCELERATE 2014 “Advanced Analytics Education” Classes Posted
  • The Recent Forrester Wave on Web Analytics … is Wrong
  • Registration for ACCELERATE 2014 is now open
  • The 80/20 Rule for Analytics Teams
  • Time for Tag Management Vendors to Grow Up
  • Advanced Analytics Education Dates Announced
  • The problem with “Big Data” …
  • Announcing “Team Demystified” Analytics Staffing Services
  • Want to be part of Web Analytics Demystified?
  • ACCELERATE 2013 is better than ever!
  • Help me welcome our newest Demystifier, Tim Wilson!
  • Welcome Josh West, Adobe, and Google!
  • New White Paper on Tag Management from Demystified!
  • Social media is like coffee …
  • Why I am excited about Webtrends Streams
  • Happy New Year from Web Analytics Demystified
  • The Evolving Tag Management Marketplace
  • Good Guy Google …
  • ACCELERATE: An Analytics Event for the 99%
  • Make an Even BIGGER Difference
  • Site Performance and Digital Analytics
  • Digital analytics is like basketball …
  • 2012 WAA Award of Excellence
  • Can you help the Analysis Exchange?
  • Web 3.0 and the Internet User’s Bill of Rights
  • Welcome Demystifier Brian Hawkins!
  • Announcing the Analysis Exchange Scholarship
  • Big News from Web Analytics Wednesday!
  • My New Year’s Resolutions, Demystified
  • The Evolution of Web Analytics Wednesday
  • Are you in Google+? We are!
  • First ever ACCELERATE is this happening TODAY!
  • Do You Trust Your Data?
  • Finally! Standards come to Web Analytics
  • More seats opening for ACCELERATE 2011!
  • Big San Francisco Web Analytics Wednesday event!
  • The Myth of the “Data-Driven” Business
  • Are you a Super Accelerator?
  • Announcing ACCELERATE 2011!
  • Massive Web Analytics Throw-down in Google+
  • Great jobs and a great gathering in Atlanta next week
  • Three Great Jobs at Best Buy
  • Amazing news from Analysis Exchange
  • Demystified Days has been postponed
  • Would you pay $100 per year for Google Analytics?
  • WAA Elections: I Support the Slate
  • Announcing “Demystified Days”
  • Guest Post: Success in The Analysis Exchange!
  • A few thoughts on the upcoming WAA Awards
  • Conference Season is Upon Us
  • Free webcast on Tag Management Systems on Jan 25th
  • Want to meet Adam Greco? Go to OMS 2011 in San Diego!
  • Big Changes at Web Analytics Demystified
  • It’s not about you, it’s about the community …
  • Commerce Department and WAA Code of Ethics
  • FTC “Do Not Track?” Bring it on …
  • Are you in Atlanta? I will be, next week!
  • Updated “Web Analysts Code of Ethics”
  • Our Engagement Metric in use at Philly.com
  • Presentations from Web Analytics Demystified
  • Free white paper on Tag Management Systems
  • Web Analysts Code of Ethics …
  • Congratulations to Nedstat and comScore!
  • We are our own worst enemy …
  • Do not miss this year’s X Change conference!
  • Our Mobile Measurement Framework is now available
  • Analysis Exchange members going to X Change 2010
  • Sad to see Aurelie Pols go …
  • Guest Post: Kevin Hillstrom
  • X Change 2010 Conversation Topics Announced!
  • Guest Post: Jason Thompson, Analysis Exchange Mentor
  • Are you looking for experienced web analysts?
  • Does your data quality still suck?
  • Thoughts on IBM’s acquisition of Coremetrics …
  • Update from The Analysis Exchange …
  • The Analysis Exchange is OPEN TO EVERYONE
  • Excited to Announce X Change 2010 Keynote!
  • Are you coming to Emetrics?
  • My Interview with Adobe Chief Privacy Officer
  • An Open Letter to Steve Jobs
  • iPad, Mobile Analytics, and Web Analytics 3.0
  • WAA Elections: Accountability, Inclusion, and Value
  • Why Google is really offering an opt-out …
  • Analysis Exchange ALPHA Nearing Completion
  • Web Analytics Wednesday: Free and Independent!
  • Want to meet Web Analytics Demystified?
  • The Coming Bifurcation in Web Analytics Tools
  • Flash Cookies and Consumer Privacy
  • Welcome to Web Analytics Demystified 2.0
  • The Most Important Post on Web Analytics You’ll Ever Read
  • Amazing response to The Analysis Exchange
  • Announcing The Analysis Exchange
  • Welcome to our newest partner, John Lovett
  • Google Analytics Intelligence Feature is Brilliant!
  • Are You Ready for the Coming Revolution?
  • An Apology of Sorts …
  • New Data on the Strategic Use of Web Analytics
  • Web Analytics Demystified European Tour
  • More color on Adobe + Omniture
  • Thoughts on Adobe + Omniture
  • X Change 2009: Sold Out!
  • White Paper: Testing Secrets of Success
  • Interview: John Lovett from Forrester Research
  • How much do you pay for web analytics?
  • #measure is the new #wa in Twitter
  • Interview: Bill Gassman (Gartner) on Google Analytics
  • Want to Debate Standards?
  • The Truth About Mobile Analytics
  • X Change Keynote Announced
  • Davos, TED, X Change, …
  • Demystifying Europe …
  • Are You Coming to Emetrics?
  • Interview on Social Media and Analytics
  • Is Your Attribution Model Appropriate?
  • Hosam Elkhodary
  • WAA Board Election: Don’t Forget to Vote!
  • Unique Visitors ONLY Come in One Size
  • Omniture, Europe, SAS, WebTrends, and Twitter!
  • Customer service done right in Twitter, #wa style
  • Free webinars on February 11th and 12th
  • Web Analytics Wednesday partners with the WAA and eMetrics!
  • Web Analytics Demystified speaking engagements
  • Barack Obama should not fear cookies!
  • Great news from Web Analytics Wednesday!
  • Thoughts on the proposed IAB Guidelines
  • Sad to say, I partially agree with Brandt Dainow
  • Measuring success in Twitter: Influence vs. Participation
  • New data on the state of web analytics in 2009
  • Wishing all of you Happy Holidays!
  • Our Vendor Discovery Tool is Back Online
  • Web Analytics: One Month at a Time in 2009
  • An Open Letter to President-Elect Obama
  • Web Analytics is Recession Proof?
  • Interview with Corry Prohens of IQ Workforce
  • WAA Standards Update: Thursday, November 6th
  • Do not forget to VOTE!
  • Track Visitor Engagement using Google Analytics!
  • The Google Analytics update: Thoughts and Implications
  • Visitor Engagement + comScore = Audience Engagement!
  • I am honored to be speaking at Emetrics
  • Yahoo Web Analytics does not compete with Google Analytics
  • Answers to questions about Visitor Engagement
  • Our white paper on Visitor Engagement is now available
  • Will you be at the Internet Marketing Conference?
  • Recap on the X Change
  • The X Change is nearly sold out!
  • Additional networking events at the X Change
  • Forrester acquires JupiterResearch
  • John Payne is running for WAA Board of Directors
  • I am speaking at OMS in Portland on August 5th
  • Jim Sterne, the Godfather of Web Analytics
  • JupiterResearch Web Analytics Buyer’s Guide
  • Are you still wondering about X Change?
  • Omniture: Visitor Engagement is just a fad!
  • X Change: Experts in Attendance!
  • Guest Post: Benchmarking Web Analytics
  • European webcast on measuring visitor engagement
  • Guest Post: Web Analytics in a Recession?
  • Welcome Paul Holstein to the Demystified weblogs!
  • Larry Freed and Lars Johannson interview me about X Change
  • Great jobs at Intuit; Our job board is now GLOBAL
  • It is official: IndexTools is now free for everyone!
  • X Change conference conversation leaders announced
  • #wa: A Twitter channel for web analytics professionals
  • EUWAA Update from the WAA Board of Directors
  • Forrester, Gartner, and JupiterResearch analysts to participate in X Change keynote
  • Web Analytics Wednesday, SAS style
  • Web Analytics Wednesday San Francisco Metrics and KPIs
  • Welcome to IQ Workforce sponsoring our job board
  • Coremetrics and SiteSpect: Global Web Analytics Wednesday sponsors!
  • Europe and the Web Analytics Association
  • Now I too am a lazy blogger …
  • Free IndexTools: Analysis and Market Implications
  • Getting excited about Web Analytics Wednesday Emetrics
  • Special free webcast for online retailers this Thursday
  • How Yahoo! buying IndexTools changes Web Analytics
  • Great news from Brussels and our friends at OX2!
  • Matt Belkin of Omniture: Web Analytics is Easy!
  • Free white paper on the Web Site Optimization Ecosystem
  • Web Analytics Demystified is heading to Europe!
  • June Dershewitz is running for WAA Board of Directors
  • Measuring Online Engagement: Step One
  • Measuring Engagement Online: The Next Stage
  • What is the future of web analytics?
  • Free white paper on measuring multimedia on the Internet
  • What is your web analytics communication strategy: Part II
  • Hannah Montana loves Web Analytics Demystified!
  • What is your web analytics communication strategy?
  • An incredible sounding job at CafePress
  • Web analytics is hard!
  • Web Analytics: A Day a Month white paper now available
  • Updates to Web Analytics Demystified.com
  • I’m an Omniture customer now … are you?
  • My AMA presentation is now online and much more
  • Want to use web analytics to impact TV programming?
  • Web Analytics: An Hour a Day
  • Salary distribution data for Europe and Canada
  • Web Analytics Salaries 2007: Insights and Observations
  • Are you one of the nearly 2,000 companies looking for web analytics talent?
  • Please attend my webinar on Web Analytics 2.0 and the Web Site Optimization Ecosystem
  • Ever thought about moving to Seattle and building a web analytics practice?
  • Our survey is now closed but the WAA survey is just getting started!
  • Looking for an awesome job here in Oregon?
  • The bleeding at WebTrends continues …
  • Please participate in the Web Analytics Demystified Fall Survey!
  • My thoughts about Omniture and WebTrends
  • Example uses of the visitor engagement metric
  • Nick Arnett challenges my visitor engagement calculation
  • OmniVisualWebSideSciences-ature!
  • How to measure visitor engagement, redux
  • Forrester is calling all web analytics consultants
  • Welcome Daniel Shields!
  • Is engagement an excuse?
  • Are you going to Emetrics?
  • Charles Schwab is looking for someone to bring PROCESS to their use of web analytics
  • Just as I got caught up on my web analytics blog reading …
  • Web Analytics Demystified partners with Satama Interactive in Europe
  • Stephane Hamel on Web Analytics 2.0 and 3.0
  • Web Analytics 2.0? I am more worried about Web Analytics 3.0!
  • How the Web Analytics Demystified job board helped Musicians Friend
  • World Tour Day Five: Brussels
  • EXCLUSIVE Microsoft Gatineau presentation and screen shots!
  • World Tour Days Three and Four: Rotterdam and Brussels
  • World Tour Day Two: Stockolm, Sweden
  • World Tour Day One: Helsinki, Finland
  • Web Analytics Demystified World Tour starts tomorrow!
  • One of the best decisions I made this year …
  • Congratulations to the WAA Standards Committee!
  • Congratulations to Jennifer Veesenmeyer and June Dershewitz!
  • Jobs at Yahoo, Digitas, Apple and more in our job board!
  • I’m doing a free Webcast for the WAA on August 29th …
  • Is Google Analytics the Killer App? No.
  • Technorati is a machine, Gary Angel is a man …
  • I am heading to Tokyo but a few thoughts before I go …
  • Technorati is a poor source of blog ranking data …
  • The Problem with Free Analytics
  • The Web 2.0 Measurement Group has moved to Facebook
  • Why I like Rand Schulman …
  • On NetRatings and time spent on site
  • Dream job for musician-slash-web data analyst in Oregon
  • Damn you Steve Jobs, damn you, damn you, damn you
  • Lars gathers some of the best and brightest in Europe to chat
  • Backcountry.com is looking for a web analytics leader
  • Bryan, Avinash, and Judah …
  • Web Analytics Demystified and Stratigent partnership and more
  • Video from Jeremiah Owyang and the WAW Guru breakfast
  • The comScore study on cookie deletion is finally out
  • Research summary from our March 2007 survey now available
  • The 10/20/70 rule for Achievable Web Analytics Success
  • Web analytics in Holland
  • Avinash on the definition of Enterprise Class analytics
  • I’m in Europe today and announcing my partnership with OX2
  • Who said that Google Analytics was Enterprise analytics?
  • Great feedback on my premium job board from a recruiter I helped
  • Heading out on the road next week
  • Jennifer LeClaire calls the Aquent partnership “brilliant”
  • Web Analytics Demystified and Aquent
  • Free white paper on Web Analytics Business Process
  • CondeNet is willing to train you to learn Visual Sciences
  • More feedback from the blogging community about my new company
  • Some coverage on my formation of Web Analytics Demystified
  • Web Analytics Demystified, Incorporated
  • Can’t make Emetrics? You’re in luck if you’re in the WAA!
  • Are you coming to Emetrics?
  • Ian Houston publishes very interesting cookie deletion data of his own
  • Welcome to the blogosphere Judah Phillips!
  • I have gone and “burned” my blog feed …
  • comScore answers a few of my questions about their recent report
  • Another great sounding job in Reporting & Analytics at TheStreet.com
  • comScore study sheds new light on risks to cookie-based measurement
  • Want to see the results of my recent web analytics survey?
  • Reed Business Interactive is looking for a web analytics project manager
  • University of Fairfax, VA needs some help with their reporting
  • Seven free resources to get started with Google Web Site Optimizer
  • Please take 15 minutes to participate in my web analytics survey!
  • Eric Enge interviews Bryan Eisenberg
  • Interview with web analytics job seeker Jaimie Scott
  • Are you an experienced business manager who knows web analytics?
  • comScore adds sessions to their reporting
  • How you know the tech economy is booming back …
  • WebGuild event at Googleplex, Wednesday March 14th
  • Webcast link for my AMA/Aquent presentation last week!
  • Do you have little kids?
  • Some days you just feel more loved than others …
  • Guest blogger: Robbin Steif from Lunametrics!
  • Great sounding job working for Craig Danuloff at Commerce360
  • Avinash Kaushik plans to donate his book advance to charity
  • Speaking of my good friend Bryan Eisenberg …
  • The Web Analytics Association NEEDS YOU!
  • ReelzChannel is looking for a web analytics + search marketing expert
  • Playing catch up again after a family outing to SeaWorld!
  • Gaaa, is that what I think it is?
  • Worried about page views dying? Don’t be.
  • Measuring social activities online using my visitor engagement metric (Part V in a series)
  • I was recently interviewed by Eric Enge of Search Engine Watch and Stone Temple Consulting
  • COXNet is looking for someone to help the entire organziation focus on web analytics
  • The gradual building of context …
  • A few items of note
  • An interview with one of my personal heros in the web analytics world
  • Etc.
  • The myth of actionability
  • Have you read Lee Sherman’s piece on Actionable Analytics?
  • Staples.com is looking for a web analyst to take them to the next level
  • Great sounding job with R/GA working with Subaru and Johnson & Johnson
  • Like hitting golf balls in the fog
  • My interview with Megan Burns of Forrester Research
  • Register.com is looking for a dedicated web analytics manager in NYC
  • A sample of how my visitor engagement index drives insights
  • Gary Angel breaks down my engagement metric
  • PayPal is looking for a statistician to support web analytics
  • What a busy week in the web analytics world!
  • Free AMA and Aquent sponsored webcast on web analytics on March 6th
  • WebEx is looking for an experienced web data analyst
  • A question I get with some frequency these days …
  • The engagement metric, defined (part IV in a series)
  • It’s not even the end of January and I’m 1 for 5 on my predictions!
  • A few things that caught my eye this week …
  • Calculating engagement, part III … social engagement and relative content grouping
  • Avinash asks me to predict the future
  • Tagged …
  • How do you calculate engagement? Part II
  • Frank Faubert writes in …
  • How do you calculate engagement? Part I
  • So you want to be a web analyst?
  • Are you trying to hire experienced web data analysts?
  • On promises and porn stars …
  • Do you live in the Washington, D.C. area?
  • The FTC is being asked to investigate the regulation of data collection via the Internet
  • More thoughts on using visits or visitors to calculate conversion rates
  • My presentation on The Web Analytics Business Process is on slideshare
  • Gaining momentum for a Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group
  • June Li from ClickInsight has a great suggestion about implementing process
  • The strangest thing that has happened to me in a long time …
  • The Web Analytics Business Process
  • Interested in learning more about Visual Sciences at Emetrics?
  • More information on the Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group idea I had …
  • Web Analytics Wednesday Portland …
  • I’ve added a web analytics calendar to my web site
  • Okay, so maybe I haven’t been to every Emetrics ever …
  • On visits and visitors …
  • Are you going to ActiveInsights or Emetrics?
  • New RSS Feed for the simple vendor discovery tool
  • One of the nicest guys in all of web analytics interviewed
  • Man, now I really feel bad about what I said about Marshall Sponder awhile back …
  • MSN corrects the referrer problem from earlier this week
  • New Google Analytics book is on the streets
  • MSN squelches referrer information, hopefully by accident!
  • Web Analytics Wednesday in Boston was a success!
  • Thinking about forming a “Virtual Web 2.0 Measurement Working Group”
  • Web Analytics Wednesday is back in action!
  • It’s almost funny …
  • Good old oblivious Clint is building fun Excel stuff for all of us!
  • Have kids? You have to see this!
  • Avinash proposes a Site Abandonment Rate
  • Ian Thomas at Microsoft is into measuring Web 2.0 too!
  • A nice write up about Visual Sciences
  • Ever use the “KPI as a tachometer” analogy?
  • Web 2.0 Calendar system for sale: No usage data provided
  • My son, the editor …
  • Matt Jacobs asks some good questions about functionalism
  • Megan Burns at Forrester makes the case for dedicated analytics staffers
  • DM News has a very complete piece on web analytics out today …
  • Feedback on my call for a measurement standard for Web 2.0
  • More thoughts about measuring Web 2.0
  • We want Web 2.0 measurement standards and we want them now!
  • See you in San Jose?
  • Funniest comparison to web analytics I’ve read recently
  • The Dashboard Spy talks about my books
  • Want to be a Chief Analytics Officer?
  • Do you have a good story about how you use web analytics data?
  • Casanova throws props at Web Analytics Wednesday
  • Some web analytics items of note
  • A. Clinton Ivy examines the limitations of traditional web analytics in a Web 2.0 world
  • Matt Jacobs on data quality
  • Xavier Casanova must be quite pleased ….
  • Avinash gets Digg’d
  • I’m excited about the upcoming UBC/WAA course on Creating and Managing an Analytical Business Culture
  • Customer support
  • Want a long list of Google domains?
  • Did you catch my panel at Search Engine Strategies in NYC earlier this year?
  • Blackbeak, spreading the love
  • Clint is analyzing his weblog traffic … I’m his top sneezer
  • Have you got your copy of Waiting for your Cat to Bark?
  • Bloglines readers should be happier now …
  • Having trouble with my feed in Bloglines?
  • Okay, you’re gonna think I’m a jerk for saying this …
  • New blog on Google Analytics from Google
  • Here’s something humbling …
  • You are reading Avinash Kaushik, aren’t you?
  • Are you reading Matt Jacobs?
  • As the cookie crumbles …
  • The IAB weighs in on cookie rejection
  • I’ve updated my RSS feed
  • Special offer on Web Analytics Demystified and The Big Book of KPIs
  • I’ve updated my web site
  • Speaking of web data analyst jobs …
  • A caveat to the 10 / 90 rule for Magnificent Web Analytics Success
  • Avinash Kaushik enters the blogosphere
  • Cookies, redux.
  • No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth …
  • If it’s May Day I must be …
  • Sunny Santa Monica this week
  • More thoughts from Emetrics 2006
  • Heading home from Santa Barbara …
  • The best laid plans …
  • I’m hoping to blog Emetrics!
  • When you’re wrong, you’re wrong …
  • Want a signed copy of Web Analytics Demystified?
  • Want an invitation to Google Analytics?
  • Juiceanalytics describes their approach to dashboards
  • Now that’s funny!
  • JupiterResearch sold for $10M
  • (Nearly) Free Money from the WAA!
  • Have you voted for your Web Analytics Association Board Members yet?
  • This weblog is now MapSurfaced!
  • High praise and a funny story …
  • Paul Strupp at Sun Microsystems says “duh, Peterson!”
  • I made a mistake!
  • My friend Clint is conflicted …
  • Great podcast with Avinash Kaushik from Intuit
  • Casanova talkin’ smack about Google
  • Brush with greatness …
  • Very funny Amazon review of Web Analytics Demystified
  • Need a free Google Analytics account?
  • Mr. Casanova says that “analytics are the foundation!”
  • ROI Revolution blogs about Google Analytics
  • Just before I left JupiterResearch I made some predictions …
  • Google bought MeasureMap!
  • On the road again …
  • A nice review of the KPI book with a focus on SEO …
  • Man is it good to be back in the data …
  • And then there was Xavier Casanova …
  • They love me in Holland (I think)
  • I’m turning comments back on in my weblog
  • Fred Kuu, talkin’ about Web Analytics Wednesday!
  • A good question about using KPIs in multi-site companies …
  • If you have any ideas about how to promote Web Analytics Wednesday …
  • Two nice online reviews of my work appeared today!
  • Congratulations to ZAAZ on their Google Analytics announcement!
  • Google is going to put a stop to spyware!
  • Do you have a Top Secret Security Clearance (TS/ISSA – with life polygraph) …
  • Wow, it’s nice to be back on this side of the street …
  • I’ve left JupiterResearch for Visual Sciences
  • The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators is NOW ON SALE!
  • Here’s some good news!
  • You know what?
  • I’m having problems with comment spam lately …
  • Everyone else is doing it, why not me?
  • You may have noticed …
  • Average Items per Cart
  • Average Order Value
  • Average Revenue per Visit
  • Average Cost per Visit
  • Excellent feedback so far and some answers to your questions!
  • An interesting KPI for retailers proposed by a reader
  • I just updated the Web Analytics Demystified web site
  • I just updated the Web Analytics Demystified web site
  • An interesting KPI for retailers proposed by a reader
  • Section Header for Averages
  • Excellent feedback so far and some answers to your questions!
  • Can any of you reading this think of …
  • Average Revenue per Visitor
  • Average Cost per Conversion
  • Average Cost per Visitor
  • Average Time to Respond to Email Inquiries
  • Props to Bob and Xavier
  • Average Visits per Visitor
  • Average Page Views per Visit
  • Everyone else is doing it, why not me?

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    Excel Dropdowns Done Right
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    Do you used in-cell dropdowns in your spreadsheets? I used them all the time. It's both an ease-of-use and a data quality maneuver: clicking a dropdown is faster than typing a value, and it's really hard to mis-type a value when you're not actually typing!

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    The Downfall of Tesco and the Omniscience of Analytics
    Michele Kiss, Partner

    Yesterday, an article in the Harvard Business Review provided food for thought for the analytics industry. In Tesco's Downfall Is a Warning to Data-Driven Retailers, author Michael Schrage ponders how a darling of the "analytics as a competitive advantage" stories, British retailer Tesco, failed so spectacularly - despite a wealth of data and customer insight.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Michele Kiss

    Creating Conversion Funnels via Segmentation
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    Regardless of what type of website you manage, it is bound to have some sort of conversion funnel. If you are an online retailer, your funnel may consist of people looking at products, selecting products, and then buying products. If you are a B2B company, your funnel may be higher-level like acquisition, research, trial and then form completion.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    10 Tips for Building a Dashboard in Excel
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    This post has an unintentionally link bait-y post title, I realize. But, I did a quick thought experiment a few weeks ago after walking a client through the structure of a dashboard I'd built for them to see if I could come up with ten discrete tips that I'd put to use when I built it. Turns out…I can!

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Exploring Optimal Post Timing ... Redux
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    Back in 2012, I developed an Excel worksheet that would take post-level data exported from Facebook Insights and do a little pivot tabling on it to generate some simple heat maps that would provide a visual way to explore when, for a given page, the optimal times of day and days of the week are for posting.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    What I Love: Adobe and Google Analytics*
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    While in Atlanta last week for ACCELERATE, I got into the age-old discussion of "Adobe Analytics vs. Google Analytics." I'm up to my elbows in both of them, and they're both gunning for each other, so this list is a lot shorter than it would have been a couple of years ago.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Top 5 Metrics You're Measuring Incorrectly ... or Not
    Eric T. Peterson, Senior Partner

    Last night as I was casually perusing the days digital analytics news - yes, yes I really do that - I came across a headline and article that got my attention. While the article's title ("Top 5 Metrics You're Measuring Incorrectly") is the sort I am used to seeing in our Buzzfeed-ified world of pithy "made you click" headlines, it was the article's author that got my attention.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Eric T. Peterson

    Bulletproof Business Requirements
    John Lovett, Senior Partner

    As a digital analytics professional, you've probably been tasked with collecting business requirements for measuring a new website/app/feature/etc. This seems like a task that's easy enough, but all too often people get wrapped around the axle and fail to capture what's truly important from a business users' perspective. The result is typically a great deal of wasted time, frustrated business users, and a deep-seated distrust for analytics data.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from John Lovett

    Welcome to Team Demystified: Nancy Koons and Elizabeth Eckels!
    Eric T. Peterson, Senior Partner

    I am delighted to announce that our Team Demystified business unit is continuing to expand with the addition of Nancy Koons and Elizabeth "Smalls" Eckels. Our Team Demystified efforts are exceeding all expectation and are allowing Web Analytics Demystified to provide truly world-class services to our Enterprise-class clients at an entirely new scale.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Eric T. Peterson

    When to Use Variables vs SAINT in Adobe Analytics
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    In one of my recent Adobe SiteCatalyst (Analytics) "Top Gun" training classes, a student asked me the following question: When should you use a variable (i.e. eVar or sProp) vs. using SAINT Classifications? This is an interesting question that comes up often, so I thought I would share my thoughts on this and my rules of thumb on the topic.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    5 Tips for #ACCELERATE Exceptionalism
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    Next month's ACCELERATE conference in Atlanta on September 18th will be the fifth - FIFTH!!! - one. I wish I could say I'd attended every one, but, sadly, I missed Boston due to a recent job change at the time. I was there in San Francisco in 2010, I made a day trip to Chicago in 2011, and I personally scheduled fantastic weather for Columbus in 2013.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    I've Become Aware that Awareness Is a #measure Bugaboo
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    A Big Question that social and digital media marketers grapple with constantly, whether they realize it or not: Is "awareness" a valid objective for marketing activity?

    I've gotten into more than a few heated debates that, at their core, center around this question. Some of those debates have been with myself (those are the ones where I most need a skilled moderator!).

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Advanced Conversion Syntax Merchandising
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    As I have mentioned in the past, one of the Adobe SiteCatalyst (Analytics) topics I loathe talking about is Product Merchandising. Product Merchandising is complicated and often leaves people scratching their heads in my "Top Gun" training classes. However, many people have mentioned to me that my previous post on Product Merchandising eVars helped them a lot so I am going to continue sharing information on this topic.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    Team Demystified Update from Wendy Greco
    Eric T. Peterson, Senior Partner

    When Eric Peterson asked me to lead Team Demystified a year ago, I couldn't say no! Having seen how hard all of the Web Analytics Demystified partners work and that they are still not able to keep up with the demand of clients for their services, it made sense for Web Analytics Demystified to find another way to scale their services. Since the Demystified team knows all of the best people in our industry and has tons of great clients, it is not surprising that our new Team Demystified venture has taken off as quickly as it has.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Eric T. Peterson

    SiteCatalyst Unannounced Features
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    Lately, Adobe has been sneaking in some cool new features into the SiteCatalyst product and doing it without much fanfare. While I am sure these are buried somewhere in release notes, I thought I'd call out two of them that I really like, so you know that they are there.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    Hello. I'm a Radical Analytics Pragmatist
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    I was reading a post last week by one of the Big Names in web analytics…and it royally pissed me off. I started to comment and then thought, "Why pick a fight?" We've had more than enough of those for our little industry over the past few years. So I let it go.

    Except I didn't let it go.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Competitor Pricing Analysis
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    One of my newest clients is in a highly competitive business in which they sell similar products as other retailers. These days, many online retailers have a hunch that they are being "Amazon-ed," which they define as visitors finding products on their website and then going to see if they can get it cheaper/faster on Amazon.com. This client was attempting to use time spent on page as a way to tell if/when visitors were leaving their site to go price shopping.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    How to Deliver Better Recommendations: Forecast the Impact!
    Michele Kiss, Partner

    One of the most valuable ways to be sure your recommendations are heard is to forecast the impact of your proposal. Consider what is more likely to be heard: "I think we should do X ..." vs "I think we should do X, and with a 2% increase in conversion, that would drive a $1MM increase in revenue ..."

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Michele Kiss

    ACCELERATE 2014 "Advanced Analytics Education" Classes Posted
    Eric T. Peterson, Senior Partner

    I am delighted to share the news that our 2014 "Advanced Analytics Education" classes have been posted and are available for registration. We expanded our offering this year and will be offering four concurrent analytics and optimization training sessions from all of the Web Analytics Demystified Partners and Senior Partners on September 16th and 17th at the Cobb Galaria in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Eric T. Peterson

    Product Cart Addition Sequence
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    In working with a client recently, an interesting question arose around cart additions. This client wanted to know the order in which visitors were adding products to the shopping cart. Which products tended to be added first, second third, etc.? They also wanted to know which products were added after a specific product was added to the cart (i.e. if a visitor adds product A, what is the next product they tend to add?). Finally, they wondered which cart add product combinations most often lead to orders.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    7 Tips For Delivering Better Analytics Recommendations
    Michele Kiss, Partner

    As an analyst, your value is not just in the data you deliver, but in the insight and recommendations you can provide. But what is an analyst to do when those recommendations seem to fall on deaf ears?

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Michele Kiss

    Overcoming The Analyst Curse: DON'T Show Your Math!
    Michele Kiss, Partner

    If I could give one piece of advice to an aspiring analyst, it would be this: Stop showing your "math". A tendency towards "TMI deliverables" is common, especially in newer analysts. However, while analysts typically do this in an attempt to demonstrate credibility ("See? I used all the right data and methods!") they do so at the expense of actually being heard.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Michele Kiss

    Making Tables of Numbers Comprehensible
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    I'm always amazed (read: dismayed) when I see the results of an analysis presented with a key set of the results delivered as a raw table of numbers. It is impossible to instantly comprehend a data table that has more than 3 or 4 rows and 3 or 4 columns. And, "instant comprehension" should be the goal of any presentation of information - it's the hook that gets your audience's brain wrapped around the material and ready to ponder it more deeply.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Automating the Cleanup of Facebook Insights Exports
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    This post (the download, really - it's not much of a post) is about dealing with exports from Facebook Insights. If that's not something you do, skip it. Go back to Facebook and watch some cat videos. If you are in a situation where you get data about your Facebook page by exporting .csv or .xls files from the Facebook Insights web interface, then you probably sometimes think you need a 52" monitor to manage the horizontal scrolling.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    The Recent Forrester Wave on Web Analytics ... is Wrong
    Eric T. Peterson, Senior Partner

    Having worked as an industry analyst back in the day I still find myself interested in what the analyst community has to say about web analytics, especially when it comes to vendor evaluation. The evaluations are interesting because of the sheer amount of work that goes into them in an attempt to distill entire companies down into simple infographics, tables, and single paragraph summaries.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Eric T. Peterson

    Funnel Visualizations That Make Sense
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    Funnels, as a concept, make some sense (although someone once made a good argument that they make no sense, since, when the concept is applied by marketers, the funnel is really more a "very, very leaky funnel," which would be a worthless funnel - real-world funnels get all of a liquid from a wide opening through a smaller spout; but, let's not quibble).

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Reenergizing Your Web Analytics Program & Implementation
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    Those of you who have read my blog posts (and book) over the years, know that I have lots of opinions when it comes to web analytics, web analytics implementations and especially those using Adobe Analytics. Whenever possible, I try to impart lessons I have learned during my web analytics career so you can improve things at your organization.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    Registration for ACCELERATE 2014 is now open
    Eric T. Peterson, Senior Partner

    I am excited to announce that registration for ACCELERATE 2014 on September 18th in Atlanta, Georgia is now open. You can learn more about the event and our unique "Ten Tips in Twenty Minutes" format on our ACCELERATE mini-site, and we plan to have registration open for our Advanced Analytics Education pre-ACCELERATE training sessions in the coming weeks.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Eric T. Peterson

    Current Order Value
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    I recently had a client pose an interesting question related to their shopping cart. They wanted to know the distribution of money its visitors were bringing with them to each step of the shopping cart funnel.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    A Guide to Segment Sharing in Adobe Analytics
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    Over the past year, I've run into situations multiple times where I wanted an Adobe Analytics segment to be available in multiple Adobe Analytics platforms. It turns out…that's not as easy as it sounds. I actually went multiple rounds with Client Care once trying to get it figured out. And, I've found "the answer" on more than one occasion, only to later realize that that answer was a bit misguided.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Currencies & Exchange Rates
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    If your web analytics work covers websites or apps that span different countries, there are some important aspects of Adobe SiteCatalyst (Analytics) that you must know. In this post, I will share some of the things I have learned over the years related to currencies and exchange rates in SiteCatalyst.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    Linking Authenticated Visitors Across Devices
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    In the last few years, people have become accustomed to using multiple digital devices simultaneously. While watching the recent winter Olympics, consumers might be on the Olympics website, while also using native mobile or tablet apps. As a result, some of my clients have asked me whether it is possible to link visits and paths across these devices so they can see cross-device paths and other behaviors.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    The 80/20 Rule for Analytics Teams
    Eric T. Peterson, Senior Partner

    I had the pleasure last week of visiting with one of Web Analytics Demystified's longest-standing and, at least from a digital analytical perspective, most successful clients. The team has grown tremendously over the years in terms of size and, more importantly, stature within the broader multi-channel business and has become one of the most productive and mature digital analytics groups that I personally am aware of across the industry.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Eric T. Peterson

    Ten Things You Should ALWAYS Do (or Not Do) in Excel
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    Last week I was surprised by the Twitter conversation a fairly innocuous vent-via-Twitter tweet started, with several people noting that they had no idea you could simple turn off the gridlines.

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    Omni Man (and Team Demystified) Needs You!
    Adam Greco, Senior Partner

    As someone in the web analytics field, you probably hear how lucky you are due to the fact that there are always web analytics jobs available. When the rest of the country is looking for work and you get daily calls from recruiters, it isn't a bad position to be in! At Web Analytics Demystified, we have more than doubled in the past year and still cannot keep up with the demand, so I am reaching out to you ...

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Adam Greco

    A Useful Framework for Social Media "Engagements"
    Tim Wilson, Partner

    Whether you have a single toe dipped in the waters of social media analytics or are fully submerged and drowning, you've almost certainly grappled with "engagement." This post isn't going to answer the question "Is engagement ROI?" ...

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Tim Wilson

    It's not about "Big Data", it's about the "RIGHT data"
    Michele Kiss, Partner

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you have heard (and perhaps grown tired) of the buzzword "big data." But in attempts to chase the "next shiny thing", companies may focus too much on "big data" rather than the "right data."

    Continue reading this article ... ... more from Michele Kiss

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